Aesthetical alloy « COLORAL»


In order to match growing qualitative expectations and with an ecological mind, COLORAL has developed, in collaboration with a foundry, a specifical aluminium alloy that is lead free.


This alloy is actually used for the manufacturing of aluminium bezels.


Perfect synthesis of COLORAL knowledge, this alloy can be easily machined and gives a unique „Shiny“ effect on the parts after oxydation.


Technical alloy « 316AL »


In order to offer an alternative to PVD treatment on stainless steel for the manufacturing of a black watchcase COLORAL has developped a brand new, reliable, solution, with the following advantages :


  • An exceptionally hard aluminium alloy, used in aeronautics, formula 1 and weaponry. Named « 316AL » as a wink to 316L steel, watchmakers’ favourite alloy.
  • « 316AL » alloy has the same Vickers hardness as 316L steel and gives a more resistant coloration capacity, deeper, eliminating thereby the surface deterioration risk.



Titanium, a ductile and malleable metal has light alloys, with good mechanical resistance and high anti-corrosive properties.

Its chemical inertia and bio compatibility make this material a perfect one for medical instruments and implants.

Aeronautical and marine material, titanium is more  used by watchmaking and medical industries.

Coloral has specialised in machining this metal. All of our turning and milling machines are equipped with estinguishers in order to avoid any risk of fire.

Coloral can machine, depending of your needs, any part up to 60 mm and/or anodise and colour it.

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