Being a subcontractor, COLORAL does not market its own products. However, thanks to its equipments and know-how, COLORAL is able to offer the complete manufacturing of products such as:

Aluminium bezels

At the origin of the integration of machining to its services range this product is entirely manufactured by COLORAL. The aluminium bezel is turned from tubes of its aesthetical alloy is then polished before being fixed on a rack for a decorative anodising. Thanks to selective screen printing and multiple coloration, COLORAL is able do deliver an aluminium bezel with up to five different colors on it.

316AL watchcases and watchparts

Aiming to offer its customer the most complete solutions, COLORAL is now able to manufacture entirely water resistant watchcases.

When receiving your 3D models, COLORAL manufactures and finishes (polishing, satin finishing, sandblasting) your watchcase parts. Then an anodic oxidation, decorative or GL is done. Both anodic oxidation enhance the hardness of the parts made of a material already as hard as 316L steel.

Finally, the watchcase parts are assembled to deliver an aluminium water resistant watchcase.

Aluminium dials

COLORAL’s dials are made out of its alloy especially developped for watch components such as aluminium bezels. Machining is made in the mass, the parts are not stamped. An intrinsic coloration of the dial is made with several decoration possibilities.

The different surfaces finishes are respected :

  • A wide available range of metalic colors.
  • Mat or shiny finishes can be done on the same part.
  • Deep Black coloration.

COLORAL gives the opportunity to develop a bezel which perfectly matches the watchcase and dial.

Biceramic colored bezels

Ceramic is a high-tech and trendy material who’s hardness and technicity seduce a growing amount of watchmakers. Therefore, there are more and more sportwatches equipped with a ceramic bezel which is engraved and then varnished. These bezels are then never “full ceramic”.

Thanks to an exclusive partnership Coloral can now deliver « Full Ceramic » bezels where two ceramics of different colors are mixed to obtain, for example, a black bezel with a white scale , the whole made out of technical ceramic.

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